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11mm - 18. Internationales Fußballfilmfestival / 11mm - 18th International Football Film Festival


Submission deadline: 15.12.2021


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All selected films are taking part in the audience competition „Golden 11“. In addition, the festival committee selects 5-6 films that are nominated for the “jury competition”. Only these films also have the chance to win the “11mm Jury Award”. From all selected short films, the festival will nominate those films that take part in the “11mm shortkicks-gala”. Only those films have the chance to win the shortfilm-award “11mm shortkicks”. The other short films will be screened in the general festival program.



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We ask you to send us a screener first. The screener is a copy of the film we will be using during the selection process. The most practical way is to have a screener online (password protected or not, both are allowed), but you can also send us a dvd by traditional mail.

When your film is selected for the festival we will ask you to send us a master. The master is the copy we will use for projecting your film on the big screen.

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Master copy

What are the specifications of the master copy? Only fill in the specifications for the source at hand.

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